Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

Ah, the perfect album for autumn, the anticipated pure gold Lucky Shiner. We were lucky to put our hands on it; it's keeping our autumn days shiny. Released on Ghostly International and NoTown Records, Lucky Shiner is the debut album from a London producer Gold Panda. Electronic and dance music lovers will surely appreciate Lucky Shiner and Gold Panda's other craft.

If you've ever dreamt of meeting traders, merchants, pilgrims, missionaries, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers, then this is your opportunity. Yes, I know, it's weird but you'll see what I mean when you hear Lucky Shiner. You will realize that you might have just hit The Silk Road. Well, that was my feeling!

The album opens with "You" that takes you off to the unknown somewhere on an expedition. It then kicks off with the tasteful "Vanilla Minus" that nods your head. Asian influences shine through the album like "Same Dream China". Out of place on the album is "Parents". In terms of the challenge is an acoustic guitar track; unexpected from electronic music. Entertaining and optimistic is "Snow & Taxi" sounding. "Before We Talked" and "After We Talked" constitute one of a pair. "Marriage" is a combination of calm and warm melody. But most impressive, even though it’s hard to pick a standout, full of ideas "I'm With You But I'm Lonely" is one of the standout album tracks. Filled with intense energy, you are driven by the beats on immersive and atmospheric "India Lately". Just like the opening, another titled "You" closing the album, is silky for listeners.

Gold Panda really takes electronic music to another level with intelligence and style. Interesting mixed moods and emotions run through the whole album. It’s surely not a danceable club album but some tracks cannot help but move anyone with a soul. Some might consider it as the sound of the afterhours. Potentially brilliant, Lucky Shiner is set to be one of the seasonal listening pleasures.