Every year there's a range of new bands forming everywhere, but among them very few have the potential of creating substantial music and defining the sound of tomorrow. Affair is of the few we believe have that potential and whose sound transcends the ideal beauty in music. We had the pleasure of interviewing the band: 

What a mysterious Affair. There is no information on the net about you except your MySpace page. Who is behind Affair? Where are you from?

Hi Trez Trez. We’re K (vocals) & M (synths). We’re from London

Is there a story behind your name?

We were both in other bands when we started making music together and started this project without telling anyone that we were meeting up. It kind of felt liberating and strange at the same time. We were both in a bit of a state.

How did you get into music?

We both started off separately - being good at singing and messing around with music software – and then both found ourselves in bands, but got fed up with the band way of making music and united in wanting to treat what we do as a creative project rather than a music act. It’s so much more fun when you’re trapped in a room in each other’s headspace trying to make sense of things.

Which instruments do each of you play?

K: Vox, samplers

M: Synths, samplers

What should people expect before listening to your music?

To feel a bit unsettled. Behind its warm sounds and crystalline lining, there’s something ominous and unnerving in what we do. A lot of it is about frustration and finding oneself in idle territory.

When we first heard you music we were pleasantly surprised with the Fever Ray/The Knife vibes in your songs especially in To Get. How do you feel about the comparison?

We’re happy with it. I suppose what we do is similar but it’s coming from a different angle; it’s more confused and unclear.

Are there any specific topics that inspire you the most when you write your lyrics?

We like to evoke a feeling of fake escapism by creating time and space in each song. But it’s not the nice tropical-island kind of escapism; it’s of a sinister kind. Most of our themes are inspired from real life, the exact situations vary but it’s more about the point of view rather than the topic itself.

Have you already started playing live performances? How is your live setup like?

Our live sets are stripped down and we see them as more of a performance, just vocals, a keyboard and visuals. We’re not a guitar band and our gigs reflect that. We played a gig to a folk pub crowd a few weeks ago and people were just staring at us!

What drives you?

Drive always seems to come from music, we’re not striving to be a pop act or win the mercury prize, we just like exploring new soundscapes and concepts while trying to put our points across.

Do you have any plans of releasing a debut EP?

Yes, there will be a 7inch of ‘to get’ out soon in the US. Details to follow soon on our myspace.

Which bands or musicians have been your biggest influences?

A few, but the music we’re doing at the moment seems to be mostly influenced by New Wave, Experimental and Dream Pop.

If you were to sum up your current music scene in 3 words what would they be?

That’s a job best done by music journalists. Hint: mix the words from the above genres in a hat and take 3 out.

Your perfect winter tracklist:

1.Sigur Rós – Glósóli
2.Múm – Green Green Grass of Tunnel
3.Cocteau Twins – Cherry-coloured Funk
4.Julee Cruise – The World Spins
5.Yo La Tengo – Every day
6.Grouper - Disengaged
7.The Sound of Snow - Falling
8.Creaking - Radiators
9.Silence - Sometimes

What's on replay?

Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas

Is there anything that you would like to add?

I think that covers most of it, thanks for your time

Thank you!


photo by jo galvin