With the release of BLCK early this year, the composition of music for a film and the making of the anticipated album with the band VETO, we thought it would be the right time to interview the very remarkable and prolific artist that is Troels Abrahamsen.

You are the front man of the successful band VETO. What made you start your solo adventure?

I have always, even before VETO, made my own music, so it was natural for me to not stop doing that, just because I was in a band. In the band, we can't be creative together all the time, and I have to have an outlet for my musical ideas while we're not recording or touring in VETO.

You recently released your second album under your name Troels Abrahamsen titled BLCK. After WHT which was about love as opposed to BLCK which is obviously hate, can you elaborate for us on the message you'd like to give with these two albums?

I don't think there was a grand message that I wanted to come across with. My music has always been very much about myself or some feeling that has an origin in me. I can't write about things I can't relate to, so I very much use my music to get to know myself better. It sounds tacky, but it's a sort of therapy for me, and that's why it's not about the answers or messages for me, but about the process.

Both albums were released in a short time, two years that is, and upon reading your blog I learned not all the songs you composed are on both. Will we ever get the pleasure to listen to your unreleased material? Like on RD (red), RNG, GRN, YLLW or PK

Or GR? I have released a couple of tracks on my blog, and will continue to do so, in the future. I will of course do a thorough screening of the tracks, so only the best of the unused songs will be released. The short answer would be, yes.

Early this year you said " I have to try and care even less about what is expected of me, or what I think is expected of me. I have to be more uncompromising and more true to what I want. I think I am being that in some ways, but I need to find a deeper truth in my music. Something more." What is "something more"? Don't you think you're putting too much pressure on yourself?

No not at all. I think it's every artist’s obligation to push him or herself to a greater level of truth in their work. To never stand still and always find new ways to work. It is crucial for me to not be static in my expression, in order to din satisfaction in my work. I don't think I am alone with that conviction. Any art form has a greater meaning, which is to get closer and closer to something true, and that is "something more".

Your lyrics are always very powerful, what do you do to surpass yourself every time in your writing?

I don't do anything in particular, other than always try and be honest. Actually I think it's very easy to tell, if you listen to yourself, when you are true to your feelings and thoughts and when you are not. That is the beacon for me, when I am writing. Truth.

On your new album BLCK you did an intro called Working. Why? Does it reflect your process of making your music? Is it to show the listeners that this is your job?

Working has this melancholic, industrial feeling. It's actually a song I did for a Danish film, and when I tried to compile the album, it sort of just fitted right in there. Don't think there's any deeper meaning than that.

Why is melancholy a very occurring theme in your songs? Is it a state of mind you need to be in to write your songs?

No it is not a state of mind I have to be in, but melancholy is a feeling that gives me a certain clear perspective. I don't think that I dwell in melancholy, but it’s certainly a state of mind I am not afraid of getting to know better and draw a lot of inspiration from.

I listen to your music every time I'm in a train. It’s like my train playlist. Your music is most of the time like cinematographic scenes taken from a short film. Where do you draw your Art?

I do like films and I find a lot of inspiration in them. Music doesn't crave your undivided attention like the cinema does. A lot of people are not really listening to the music they hear; they are merely using it as a sonic wallpaper. In that case you're probably better off not listening to music at all. I think that music should be listened to in the same way that you watch a movie; like a piece of art that needs your full attention to be grasped completely.

You composed music for the movie "Min bedste fjende" (My Good Enemy) selected at BUFF Film festival last March and was in competition at 2010 Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival. How was the experience? Are you planning on working on other film projects?

I would very much like to, yeah. It is a process I find inspiring and makes me think of music in a different way than just songs on an album.

The song "When you are ready, let go" was composed as a project; when contemporary music meets classical music. When I hear the song, I picture a live act at an opera house. Have you ever thought of working with an Orchestra on a whole album?


I've always been fascinated by your remixing abilities in giving songs a new life.  Should we look forward to any new remixes by you released under your alias Supertroels?


Are you currently working on something with VETO?

Yes, we are in the midst of recording our third album, and we hope to release it worldwide somewhere around February. It has been a long time since we wrote any new material so we are really pumped about this album, and want to push the envelope in the soundscape. Whether we succeed only time will tell.

What are your connections with other fellow Danish musicians?

The Danish scene is very small, so chances are that, if you are a musician, you most likely know all of the other musicians here. It's nice to be part of a small, but very independent and experimental scene.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring musicians?

Be true to yourself. Tacky, I know.

After recommending Sleep Party people on your blog which we loved by
the way, what other bands do you believe deserve a listen?

I am not a first-mover or a particularly curious talent-scout, so I don't have any recommendations as of now.

What's on replay?

Giana Factory - Change of Heart. Magnificent song.


Troels Abrahamsen has also started releasing singles through his label BLCK which you can download for free on his website. Be sure to check it out for future releases.