Jonathan Johansson - Klagomuren

Over the last few years, Jonathan Johansson has released two full length LPs: OK, ge mig timmarna in 2005 and En hand i himlen in 2009. This year, the singer-songwriter is back with his third album named after the Western Wall, titled: Klagomuren.

Musically, Klagomuren is a set of 10 superb songs that fuse together brilliantly. As always, Jonathan Johansson's lyrics are in Swedish; a joy to listen to. Although some of us non-Swedish speaking listeners won’t understand a single word, it feels as if one understands the emotions he's trying to communicate. For those who would like to get the meaning of the lyrics or translate them, his website is a great source to start from.

What's truly special about this album is the way Jonathan Johansson’s smooth expressive voice is married to the arrangements on display. The melodies and his vocals are on point throughout Klagomuren.  While listening to the Intro, your heart will beat on the frequency of the sound; a two minutes marvellous feeling. "Stockholm" is a truly remarkable listen, one of a kind. The album moves in a more upbeat direction with "Centrum" and "Ingenting Stort". The song "Redan Glomda" is luminously beautiful like "Blommorna" which has a perfect dynamic soundscape.

The artist Rikkard Häggbom who is also behind the album cover made the recent music videos for Blommorna and Stockholm.

Elegant and tasteful, "Under Sjukhusen" is, quite simply, magical. It races away against the most minimalist of beats. "Som Om" is a catchy sparkly crystal clear melody. Although "Horoskop" has quieter moments, the result on the last track "Min Ljusaste Rost" is even more captivating with Jonathan Johansson's vocals. One gets the feeling of sadness and hope at the same time.

Klagomuren is a mind-boggling album of considerable deep exquisite rhythms, a heavenly voice and majestic guitar loops. This makes it one of this year’s highlights, a serious contender for album of the year.