Maylee Todd - Choose Your Own Adventure

Once you get a taste, you'll want some more. Maylee Todd is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Her debut album titled Choose your own adventure is a pure refreshing delight. One can describe her style as being between funk, jazz, soul and pop.

Choose your own adventure surely takes you on lovely, dreamy, magical adventures. The first track F#@kd In The Jungle... Again!?! makes you wonder where you just landed.Escapade! You will have a good time. This is not just an ordinary jungle, when the jazzy Summer Sounds filled with sun-kissed melodies comes your way, you are caught by surprise. The easy-listening A Lullaby For My Fictitious Children Lucious And Sumat melts you with a delicious groove.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Pegwee Power!!!, an exciting imagery that involves one or more of your five senses. Positive vibrations on an angelic voice ease your Heartthrob, while Protection Plan 101with infinite delicacy leave you with a tender emotion. Aerobics In Space really "gives you what you need", a delicious funky tune that sets you free. It recalls a slight touch of Betty Davis meets Sly and the Family Stone explosive mixture.

Even though you're set free, you are more likely to stick around for a little bit longer to live the next adventure.  At times Choose your own adventure wakes the little boy or girl in you. Allow yourself into an enchanted kingdom.


Bonus: Free download of Maylee Todd & Circle Research's single "Hooked" and an amazing Summer Sounds remix by Jeremy Glenn here.