It's a great delight to share with you our third exclusive mix by a very promising artist: Cosimo.

Who is cosimo ?
I grew up in a small village in Italy, where there were no public schools and such, so I studied from home. But I didn't like it very much so most of my days were spent in the forest on the hillsides, which in my eyes gives you a far better education than any book could ever give you. I am not a complicated man, all I want is to climb trees and make music.

What can you tell the readers about your mix ? 
Well, it's a collection of calm tunes, which I found to be fitting seeing as the world is slowly going into winter hibernation. Maybe you shouldn't focus on the actual tracks but the feeling of the mix as a whole.


Guillaume de Machaut - Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure
Nobuo Uematsu - Wandering Flame
Hiroki Okano - Hototogisu
Museum of Bellas Artes - Who Do You Love (Cosimo Remix)
Love Inc. - Life's a Gas
Mystic Diversions - Love Dance
Masami Ueda - Kamiki
The Dream - Mr. Yeah