Set to get you floating in dub is Swiss dj Jools who graces us with an exclusive mix that's got all the ingredients to brighten your day.

Who is Jools ?

Marcel Küng, 34 years old from Lucerne, Switzerland. I started djing in '92 and producing music 3 years ago. Having the opportunity to create my own tunes, made me think about how to get away from creative conventions. Influenced by the music I'm hearing and always looking for the sound of tomorrow.

Releases in 2010:

Jools - No More Pressure E.P. - Digital Jools Rec.
Jools - Saba E.P. - Digital Jools Rec.
Jools - Jabulani E.P. - Digital Jools Rec.
Jools - Vortex E.P. - Digital Jools Rec.
Jools - Sil_v - Promo Release (Free Download)

What can you tell the readers about your mix?

This short promo dj mix is dedicated to all deep dub lovers. "Floating in Dub" between post-, garage and dubste or however you'd like to call it.


1. Velour – Booty Slammer
2. Martyn – Little things
3. Jack Dixon – I Let You
4. Headhunter – Chasing Dragons
5. Cymatic – Electric Church
6. DJ Madd – Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds RMX)
7. Trentemoller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider (Lulu Rouge Feat. Abdullah S RMX)
8. Asusu – No Kya
9. L-OW – Scattered (VIP)