As a follow-up to the serie of exclusive mixes, we are thrilled to present Mix #2 by Norway's disco extrodinaire Solli Diskoklubb.

Who is Solli Diskoklubb?

Mikkel Haraldstad, 23 years old from Oslo, Norway. I started producing music 3 years ago, but have always been interested and have been playing around with different instruments all the time.


"Trekkfugl" is released digitally on Houselective Records (BeatportJuno)

"Fest I Bakgården" is released on Untz Untz Records as vinyl, alongside other great artists such as Velferd, Telephones and Touchable Terrence.

The New Wine - Bridge (Solli Diskoklubb Remix)

I also have an upcoming remix of the Norwegian mysterious band Njøtferd on Untz Untz Records. Another project I'm involved in is Sommerstad which consists of my friend Marius Sommerfeldt and me. We're playing live sets and dj-sets all around Oslo. We just got back from playing live at Rust in Copenhagen and we're heading for Club Razzmatazz in Barcelona September 3rd 2010!

We have two upcoming releases on Full Pupp Records. First up is our track "Neste Stopp Morra Di". We also have a remix of the Swedish artist Honom coming out on Spacewalker Recordings early September. Expect more from both Solli Diskoklubb and Sommerstad in the future!

What can you tell the readers about your mix?

This mix is a blend of tracks I enjoy at the moment, some new, some old. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Gina X Performance - Kaddish
Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind
Kasper Bjorke - Heaven (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Honom - Purple Sun (Sommerstads Palmesus Remix)
Nelue - Deconstructed (Crazy P Remix)
Almir Ricardi - Sao Paulo High Society (Joystick Jay Edit)
Quincy Jointz - The Place (Flashbaxx Remix)
Lewie Day - That's The Thing (Lee Curtis Remix)
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Diskjokke - Takt Raver