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  • Air France's Henrik and Joel "have decided to stop trying".

    Air France, the Gothenburg based tropical pop duo, consisting of Henrik and Joel, has taken everyone by surprise by announcing the band’s spilt. After releasing two well received EPs “On Trade Winds” in 2006 and “No Way Down” in 2008, the band gave away in 2011 “It feels Good To Be Around You” their now last track as Air France.

    Their statement can be found here.

  • Album Release: Unset by Troels Abrahamsen

    Producer, singer-songwriter and Veto front man, Troels Abrahamsen has done it again. Today, the prolific Danish musician released his third album “Unset” under his real name. This marks his fifth solo album in the past 5 years. Released on his label BLCK and A:larm, the album features 12 songs made as he says on his blog when his creative output suddenly re-appeared with strength and quality; and that, we can certify by the sound of the album. “Called” the first single to be released from “Unset” and that can be previewed below proves Troels Abrahamsen’s powerful creativity. It’s a deep, captivating and melancholic song that transcends with sincere lyrics and vigorous beats.

    To hear more, head over to itunes or where the album can now be purchased.

    Troels Abrahamsen: Unset (2011)

    Track list:
    01. You're Mine
    02. Sequence
    03. Alternate
    04. Opening
    05. There's a Chill
    06. Called
    07. Heaps
    08. My Brain is My Pusher
    09. Pirouettes (Back to Back)
    10. Nightly Visions
    11. Say It
    12. Sweet Talk

    Released by: BLCK/A:Larm
    Release date: Oct 31, 2011

  • The lovely duo, Affair that seduced us last year with their single “To get”, have just surprised us yet again with a new hypnotizing track titled “Lead to one”.

    Working on their upcoming debut EP, Affair teases us with a skilfully crafted synth infused single that gears you up with excitement. For “Lead to one” is a truly remarkable listen, with a marvellously expressive voice that grabs the attention. It’s a mesmerizing insight on what’s to come from the talented duo.


  • New Music: “Summer in vacationland” and “Break my fall” by ACT UTD

    You might remember ACT UTD from our last year interview where they shared with us their inspiration and thoughts on music. Since then, the band has been hard at work and has two new tracks to share with the world!

    The first track is called “Summer in vacationland”. This is actually the song that they were playing in the video of their Stokholm show.

    “Summer in vacationland” is a hypnotizing track that gets you hooked at the first listen. There is an energetic vibe to it that calls for you to dance as witnessed by their concert. It is an experience one wishes to take part.

    As for the second track, “Break my fall” is a refreshing tropical sound with heavenly melodies that characterise the band’s signature. “Break my fall” also gathers balaeric pop influences of the likes of Air France and jj.

    Their earlier songs "The world is mine" and "Bridges of  Monstar" also have that well orchestrated feel and energy.

    “Break my fall”“Summer vacationland”"The world is mine" and "Bridges of Monstar" illustrate ACT UTD's exquisitely subtle sound that remarkably excels in taking the listener into an ethereal state of mind.

    For more from ACT UTD visit and dive deeper into their world. You won't regret it!

    Official Website

  • WATCH: Suddenly by Normal Love

    Berlin trio, Normal Love recently shot the music video for “Suddenly”, an exhilarating track that fitly combines English and French lyrics to perfection. Besides being the bands directing debut, this is also their first music video.  

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