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  • New Music: “Summer in vacationland” and “Break my fall” by ACT UTD

    You might remember ACT UTD from our last year interview where they shared with us their inspiration and thoughts on music. Since then, the band has been hard at work and has two new tracks to share with the world!

    The first track is called “Summer in vacationland”. This is actually the song that they were playing in the video of their Stokholm show.

    “Summer in vacationland” is a hypnotizing track that gets you hooked at the first listen. There is an energetic vibe to it that calls for you to dance as witnessed by their concert. It is an experience one wishes to take part.

    As for the second track, “Break my fall” is a refreshing tropical sound with heavenly melodies that characterise the band’s signature. “Break my fall” also gathers balaeric pop influences of the likes of Air France and jj.

    Their earlier songs "The world is mine" and "Bridges of  Monstar" also have that well orchestrated feel and energy.

    “Break my fall”“Summer vacationland”"The world is mine" and "Bridges of Monstar" illustrate ACT UTD's exquisitely subtle sound that remarkably excels in taking the listener into an ethereal state of mind.

    For more from ACT UTD visit and dive deeper into their world. You won't regret it!

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