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  • Album Release: Unset by Troels Abrahamsen

    Producer, singer-songwriter and Veto front man, Troels Abrahamsen has done it again. Today, the prolific Danish musician released his third album “Unset” under his real name. This marks his fifth solo album in the past 5 years. Released on his label BLCK and A:larm, the album features 12 songs made as he says on his blog when his creative output suddenly re-appeared with strength and quality; and that, we can certify by the sound of the album. “Called” the first single to be released from “Unset” and that can be previewed below proves Troels Abrahamsen’s powerful creativity. It’s a deep, captivating and melancholic song that transcends with sincere lyrics and vigorous beats.

    To hear more, head over to itunes or where the album can now be purchased.

    Troels Abrahamsen: Unset (2011)

    Track list:
    01. You're Mine
    02. Sequence
    03. Alternate
    04. Opening
    05. There's a Chill
    06. Called
    07. Heaps
    08. My Brain is My Pusher
    09. Pirouettes (Back to Back)
    10. Nightly Visions
    11. Say It
    12. Sweet Talk

    Released by: BLCK/A:Larm
    Release date: Oct 31, 2011