Sleep Party People - S/T

Forget about iamwhoiam, keep in mind Fever Ray and listen to Sleep Party People's self-titled album.

Sleep Party People is the solo project by Danish musician Brian Batz. Signed to Speed Of Sound Records, one of the few independent labels that can do no wrong, the high expectations towards him are promptly exceeded after the first three songs.

Mystery is no secret to Sleep Party People; with modified vocoder voices, bunny masks, yes bunny mask and incomprehensible lyrics it's to wonder if there isn't a mystery we're missing. The combination of classical, instrumental and folktronic is very fascinating to hear. There's a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the album. Like Troels Abrahamsen described one of their shows on his blog: "Great cinematic textures, dreamy themes and chorused vocals". This goes to show that Sleep Party People can deliver the same mystical atmosphere on the album in a live performance.

As mentioned earlier when the third track "Ten feet up" starts the magic really takes full effect. The song opens the door to another level of purity and innocence.

The sound of what appears to be moving clock hands in "the dwarf and the horse" is very daring. Who would have thought of it. "A sweet song about love" is one of those songs that belong in a fairytale; not to mention "Notes to you" as well. Everything coordinates together perfectly.

"I'm not human at all" comes as a reminder that the modified voice could well come from a machine, therefore solving one of the mysteries...Ambient/showgaze music lovers will appreciate instrumental tracks such as "Third drawer down" and also the last track awesomely titled "Everything has an ending".

The minimalistic approach in each song on this album gives every single note it's own moment and space to shine creating unexpected daintiness. Not many artists can be said to be composers but Brian Batz shows us with his mesmerizing melodies that he truly is one.