Veto - Everything is Amplified

What’s on replay? Veto of course! With one EP and three successful full length album to date – I Will Not Listen EP (2005)There's a Beat in All Machines (2006); Crushing Digits (2008); Everything is Amplified (2011) – Veto has grown to become a key band in the Scandinavian music scene as they continue to gain praise all around the world. On this year’s release Everything is Amplified you're likely to hear: Troels Abrahamsen – Vocals, synth; David Krogh Andersen – Guitar; Mark Lee – Guitar, synth; Jens Skov Thomsen – Bass guitar, backing vocals and Mads Hasager – Drums.

Veto have outdone themselves with their 10 tracks listing album – Everything is Amplified, taking their blend of indie rock and electronic to near-stratospheric heights (an 11th track is to be found on the iTunes released album).

Opener You’re Hard To Get sets the tone and unique style of Veto. It's an energetic spin – a good introduction of their music. What the future holds barely matters when the catchy Am I Awake Or Should I Wake Up sounds this good. Their first released single This Is Not brims with enthusiasm, heaviness and energy.

Also wonderful is Slowres, which features intimate vocals and a soothing sound signature of Veto. Already Ready is modern time machine with 70-80s motifs. The under three minutes, If Else has lovely arrangements and Take It Outside is an upbeat, superbly executed tune that is as uplifting as it is enjoyable. Fell Into Place has a knack of sounding as if they are singing directly to you and picking up the thread with visceral thrills is Spun. Distinctive and satisfying, the music is meticulous, intricate and intelligent on Popular Concussion and the choir gives a beautiful complement to the drawn-out.

Veto creates an atmosphere and a style: slightly echoed vocals, odd digital beeps and blips and  mid-tempo beats. Although, the mood of Everything is Amplified is less dance compared to Crushing Digits and slightly brushes I Will Not Listen and There's a Beat in All MachinesVeto manages to go beyond expectations, taking the listener to a new direction with great lyrics, melodies and hooks imprinting themselves gently into his or her ear.

You can also read an interview we did last year, of Veto's frontman and producer Troels Abrahamsen aka SuperTroels here.