Wild Nothing - Gemini

Believe the hype! 22 years old Jack Tatum aka Wild Nothing has surprised us with one of the most beautifully accomplished debut album of 2010.

With shoegaze influences, Wild Nothing has put a nice twist to surf pop creating 12 summer jams. Some could even call it pure dreampop.

Despite the mellow, chill atmosphere in Gemini, the more you listen to it and pay very well attention to the lyrics or at least what can be understood  considering the voice echo, one can easily come to the conclusion that there is more to this album than just another summer record by a bedroom artist.

As you listen to the album, what strikes the most is the amount of time the desire to escape is mentioned, whether it's by dreaming, dying, drifting or running away. The first track "live in dreams" captures very well this feeling and is a good introduction to what is ahead with lyrics like "I'd rather live in dreams and I'd rather die".

The past appears to be an obstacle to leaving the present. Therefore the only way to break this barrier and be happy is by escaping the present. This feeling successfully matches with the meaning of summer holidays where we also just want to leave everything behind and forget about our monotonous life.

There is no denial that Gemini is full of beautiful dreamy pop melodies making with the lyrics a lovely album that gives us a glimpse of Tatum's world. Unfortunately we are left with questions as to the meaning of each song due to the the lack of clarity in the lyrics but maybe we ought to just enjoy the music and stop analyzing. Isn't it what summer holidays are there for?


BonusFACEPAINT, Jack Tatum's other band prior to his solo project Wild Nothing is giving away an EP for free here!