We’re delighted to present you Swedish two-piece Act Utd. Making, sun-kissed indie-pop with a balearic touch, their captivating style will enchant you. So, get ready to start a blissful summer in the hands of Act Utd.

What’s your story? What motivated you to starting Act Utd?

Act Utd: We are childhood friends, born and raised in a small community 30 km south of Gothenburgh. We played together in different pop bands during the high school time.. At the age of 21 Peter moved to Copenhagen and Joakim stayed in Gothenburg. 2-3 years went by and Joakim wrote and produced music on his own.. In 2008 we started Act Utd. Just for fun to begin with but the desire for something real and serious grew stronger and stronger.

Did you grow up in a musical family background?

Act Utd: No we didn´t, our parents have always played music, but just the classics u know. Beatles, Stones and a whole lot of Abba.

What is the meaning of Act Utd? Is it a philosophy?

Act Utd: Act Utd is just what it is. It´s a fuckin good band name with a football touch and it looks really good on a piece of paper.

What is the nature of your relationship with music? Would you call it love?

Act Utd: We are both of course big music lovers, but at the same time we can go for weeks without it.  Classic I guess for all musicians. But to call it love is an understatement, we adore music.

“The world is mine” and “on and off” have a positive message and energy. Was it something that came through jamming or was it decided prior to any writing.

Act Utd: First of all, we don´t jam. All of our songs are long and sometimes hard processes. It normally starts with a melody together with a few words, and after that Joakim starts his magic and then suddenly we have a song. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes 3 months.

Speaking of “The world is mine”; where is the fabulous spot you filmed the music video for it?

Act Utd: We’re glad u like it!! We shot this video on the beautiful lakes surrounding Stockholm, and on the coast outside of Gothenburg.

Please explain to us your thought process while making music.

Act Utd: Music for us is to try to achieve the perfect melody.. To find a good balance that makes us both happy and fulfilled. Simple as that.

Is there such a thing as “the perfect sound”?

Act Utd: Yeah we think so. That is one of the things that drives us all the time. . To write better songs, find greater sounds and better samples etc. To grow as musicians.

Do your life experiences play a role in your music?

Act Utd: Not really, no. I mean yeah sometimes we can write something that is related to us or something about our surroundings, but normally we just write about “life” in general.

You leave in a quite renowned electronic/indie town Gothenburg. With bands such as The Knife, Air France, The Tough Alliance, The Embassy, JJ, Little Dragon, Studio, The Honeydrips etc. surrounding you, do you believe that they have in anyway influenced your music style?

Act Utd: Sweden and especially Gothenburg is a lovely and creative place to live in, and of course people that we know and admire as musicians and as friends affect us all the time.. It´s great.

How important is it to remain true to yourself and your individual vision as an artist?

Act Utd: It´s really important. What we sing and play and do onstage comes straight from the heart.. We are always honest. Act Utd don´t fuck with people’s minds.

The footage of your last show at Discoklubb Skeppsbar in Stockholm looks quite entertaining; how was it?

Act Utd: Ha ha it was great actually, it was the first gig in a long time, but we had a massive support from a lot of friends. And it was a night to remember because it was the night when our own “Strobben” came alive..

Are there any artistes that are currently producing music that you like?

Act Utd: Hell yeah!!  Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Fleet foxes to name a few….

What projects or goals do you have in the works?

Act Utd: We want to get BIG and tour everywhere. Sweden or Europe is not enough for us. We want the whole world.

What’s on replay?

Act Utd: Nicolas Jaar, Swedish House Mafia , JJ, Helplessness Blues, The Chi Lites, Soda Inc, Max Richter.. We can go on & on & on.

Stream their brand new single “Bridges Of Mostar”; a exclusive:


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